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The Hedgehog Found Hanging In A Crevice

One morning a lady phoned me saying that her four children were very upset as they had found a hedgehog hanging upside down in a crevice in their garden. She was caught by a back leg which was very swollen.

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The Hedgehog In The Garage

A lady phoned me to say that they had picked up a hedgehog that was in their garden during the daytime and put it in a box in the garage intending to bring it to me the next day. Unfortunately the hedgehog got out of the box during the night and disappeared into the garage.

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The Hedgehog With The Rubber Band

One evening one of my friends arrived with a large hedgehog held between her coat sleeves, she didn’t have gloves and their spines really hurt! Penny had seen the hedgehog in the car headlights by the side of the road and stopped to pick it up.

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Two days after arriving home from our summer holiday I was phoned by a distressed lady. Their garden shed was in danger of collapsing due to the neighbours ivy that had grown over the fence and up onto the shed roof. They had begun dismantling the shed and had discovered a hedgehog had made a nest inside at the back of the shed. The mother hedgehog was there with five babies. The only thing that could be done was to put the nest into a lawn mower grass box but in doing so, one baby was crushed. As soon as the grass box was taken outside the mother hedgehog disappeared, leaving the babies. After another phone call when I was told that another baby was on it`s back not looking good I agreed that the best thing to do was to bring them to me. I told the lady to put them on a warm water bottle with a cover over them as warmth is more important than food.

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The Great Escape

Lovely sunny Sunday morning, woke up early decided to make a drink to take back to bed and read for an hour or so. Came downstairs and opened the kitchen blinds and wondered what all the hay was doing on the floor under Emma’s sleeping box?? went to investigate, only to find she had made her escape.

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Hornton May Day Festival

Good day meeting people in Hornton (near Banbury) it was the village May Day Festival, Most of the villagers are monitoring the 10-12 feeding stations set up to provide for the Colony of hedgehogs we have introduced to the village in order to bolster the indigenous population.

Nice to talk to those involved and answer their questions and  allay their concerns. We had just started to set up our stall when we received a phone call from a couple who had found a hedgehog in their garden in Daventry that they were worried about, so they brought it to the Fair for us to look at, one of our colleague took it into her care to hopefully bring it back to health.

Just received a phone call from Bagington Garden Centre inviting us to their event on Saturday 7th May, 10am onwards as part of their contribution to Hedgehog Awareness Week. Hope you can come along for a chat about Hedgehogs and their wellbeing.


Back again

After a very busy but successful Easter week end at the National Herb Centre Craft Fair, sold lots of hog related items and received loads of donations helping to boost our funds. Our thanks to Back again and all those who donated, we are very grateful.herb centre                                                                    Lynda on our stall

Since then I’ve been very busy arranging to release all the 40+ hedgehogs that have been overwintered by an army of foster carers. Last one arranged today (21/04/2016) my birthday.

We have arranged for a mix of males and females to be released in the following villages:-

Clifford Chambers, near Stratford on Avon

Hampton Lucy, near Charlecote

and Hornton, near Banbury.

Latest report from Hornton is good, all the villages feeding stations are being visited regularly.

Come along to Hornton’s  May Day Festival on Monday 2nd May for a chat.








Surprise!! Surprise!!

Today 17th March, I received the below response to the petition we signed to help protect our Hedgehog friends!
It is typical that the government refuses to be proactive and actually do something, instead of just finding reasons to avoid putting any effort into doing something useful. Yet still manage to seem to be concerned!!!

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Quintons Story

We do not usually collect rescued Hedgehogs, as we will be putting a lot of time and effort into their rehabilitation we expect the finders to bring the Rescued Hedgehog to us, However, there will arise the odd occasion when for some reason the finder cannot come to us.

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Many thanks to “Animal Canopy” charity who gave us a very generous grant to help with the purchase of some expensive medication.

Thanks also to the unbelievable generosity of the staff and customers of “Kenilworth Books” who have raised over £1000 for our funds in the last 12 months, we would struggle to do the work without such donations.
Special mention is due to Jim Thomason for supplying four batches of handmade fudge to join Tamsin Rosewell’s cakes and biscuits on the “Taste and Donate” feature in the book shop. To encourage people to donate to our funds.

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