Last year we were contacted by Helen Barboutis from Stratford on Avon whose daughters and school friends were concerned about the lack of coordinated awareness of the plight of Hedgehogs in the Stratford area,
So they started their own campaign, beginning with their Facebook and Twitter pages and an open letter to Stratford. and could we let them see our set-up and what we did with the care of Hedgehogs brought to us.
They also have since persuaded the Head Teacher of their school to provide a wild life area and have dedicated teachers to be involved, as well as arranging for us to go along to the school and give our talk to two classes.
They have kept up their pressure to increase public awareness and have duly been recognised by reiving an award for pride of Stratford.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

The girls are currently fostering three of our Hedgehogs all of which are doing well.
It goes without saying that everyone is proud of what they have achieved.
Please visit their Facebook page “hedgehog friendly town” for more photo’s, videos and information about their great work on behalf of hedgehogs.

Strange Days

Various people are reporting strange hedgehog behaviour this year! Some hedgehogs are in hibernation, some waking up, others are active all night while others are not acting as normal as they usually are this time of year.

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