Make your own hedgehog feeding station


A) Paving slab on bricks. (Pic.1)
Leave a ½ brick gap to give access. Place the food & water bowls around the corner.

B) Plastic Boxes (Pic.2)
1. Get a plastic box, about 12” wide, 18” long and 6” deep.
2. Cut a hole 4” x 5” in one of the short ends. Use with a lid or turn upside down.
3. Put the food at the opposite end so that a fox or cat cannot put their long
arms in and pull out the food. Place a saucer on top as extra precaution, the
Hedgehog will knock it off to get at the food.
4. Put a brick or heavy weight on top of the box, to stop it being knocked over.
5. Place the box with the entrance facing a wall, fence or place a brick 4”to5” in
front of the entrance. To stop cats etc. from getting at the food. The
Hedgehogs love to go down alleyways so will get into the feeding station
without any problems.


Paving Slab on Bricks (Pic.1) Ventilated plastic box (Pic.2)

Typical types of food:-
1. DRY:- Mixture of any of the below (good for their digestion and teeth).
a) Mixture of Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Dried Mealworms & cat biscuits.
b) Spikes Hedgehog Food or other specially prepared Hedgehog food.
c) Bird seed mixed
2. WET:- (any leftovers removed each day)
Tinned cat or dog food, white meat flavours e.g. chicken, turkey, rabbit also
beef and duck flavours will be eaten. (not fish flavour),
Cooked Chicken, excluding fine bones.
Avoid offal and pork.
3. FRESH WATER must always be available.

You can download this as a pdf document here