Found a Hedgehog?

If you see a hedgehog out during the day wobbling about or laying still this may mean it has an internal injury but it could also mean hypothermia. If this is the case, the animal will be so cold that he/she will be unable to eat, drink or curl up and will desperately need your help.
Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals so if you find one out during the day this is usually a sign that something is wrong. Nest disturbance is common but many are more likely to be orphaned, injured, poisoned or cold and starving so your help is essential.

How you can help.

Pick up the hedgehog using thick gardening gloves or a towel and place it in a high sided box lined with newspaper. Place a hot water bottle inside to provide heat. Leave enough room for the hedgehog to move off if it gets too warm, cover with a towel or cloth. Place a small dish of water in the box and if possible a dish of meat based cat or dog food.

Please note: Milk and bread make hedgehogs very poorly.
Then contact your local rehabilitator below, for help.

We welcome new members who would like to support this charity. Maybe you would like to become a hedgehog carer/fosterer? Or, maybe you have a walled garden where we can release hedgehogs which need extra support or maybe you would like to help run local events to promote the work of this charity?


Contact telephone numbers for local hedgehog carers:
As we work from our homes please ring between 9.30am to 9.30pm.

Claverdon (Stratford on Avon) – Linda Clements 01926 843 043

Stratford on Avon – Helen Barboutis 07807 848 516

Stratford on Avon – Gemma smith 07840 541 063

Snitterfield – Zoe Parton 07483 214 281 

Wilmcote – Elizabeth Lyne 07825 823 674

Warwick – Clare Watson 01926 493 026

Harbury – Nicky Thomas 07958 470 617

Harbury – Christina Sherman 01926 612 277

Newbold on Avon – Lynda Harris 07757 361 461

Wellesbourne – Jane Savage 01789 841286 / 07780 950 126 

Please note: Although we usually return a hedgehog to the finder – if the trustees feel that the place of release is not very suitable ie. Major roads, then we will release the hedgehog in a safer environment.

For other areas contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society telephone 01584 890 801 – They have a list of rehabilitators/rescue centres.


Donations are always welcome as medication costs are rising.