Hornton May Day Festival

Good day meeting people in Hornton (near Banbury) it was the village May Day Festival, Most of the villagers are monitoring the 10-12 feeding stations set up to provide for the Colony of hedgehogs we have introduced to the village in order to bolster the indigenous population.

Nice to talk to those involved and answer their questions and  allay their concerns. We had just started to set up our stall when we received a phone call from a couple who had found a hedgehog in their garden in Daventry that they were worried about, so they brought it to the Fair for us to look at, one of our colleague took it into her care to hopefully bring it back to health.

Just received a phone call from Bagington Garden Centre inviting us to their event on Saturday 7th May, 10am onwards as part of their contribution to Hedgehog Awareness Week. Hope you can come along for a chat about Hedgehogs and their wellbeing.