Looking after a Hedgehog

Looking after, a hedgehog.
You have found a Hedgehog and want to know how to look after it until it is fine enough to be released back into the wild. Note they are NOT suitable as pets!!! You need to do the following: –
1. Bring it indoors and examine it to see if there are any obvious injuries/wounds, if there is a problem contact a rehabilitator for treatment.

2. If the hedgehog is wobbly and unsteady when walking it is probably dehydrated and will need treatment by either a rehabilitator or a vet, giving subcutaneous fluids. Drinking water is not enough.

3. If you have any concerns, then ring a rehabilitator who will be only too happy to give advice.

4. If the hedgehog is just lost and seems healthy then it may just need feeding and keeping warm until it puts enough weight on to be released. We like them to be 750gm to be released in the run up to hibernation, November at the latest and somewhere with a feeding station nearby. Food needs putting out all winter as the hedgehogs will come out of hibernation to look for food and then go back to sleep.

5. You will need to have a rabbit hutch or guinea pig cage to house the hedgehog. If it is early in the year, then the hutch can stay in the garden. Any other time it would be best to keep it in a garden shed or garage. We use empty wine boxes as nesting boxes, with shredded newspaper, [strip shredded not cross cut (too dusty)] or hay. So the hedgehog can make a nest.

6. The hutch will need to be cleaned out every day as hogs are quite messy.

7. Line the base with 3 layers of newspaper to soak up any Pee & Poo, also makes it easier to clean out.

8. Place a bowl of clean water along with a bowl of dry mix (mixture of mealworms/sunflower seeds and cat biscuits) or proprietary Hedgehog food. Daily!

9. Every evening place a bowl of wet cat food, not fish flavour out for it.

10. Keep track of the hedgehog’s weight, hopefully it will increase steadily don’t worry about the odd fluctuation, as long as the overall trend is up.

11. With luck the hedgehog will thrive and can be released when its weight is up and the weather is suitable.

12. Please feel free to ring us if you have any queries. Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue.
Linda Clements:- 01926 843 043——Claverdon (Stratford on Avon)
Lynda Harris:- 07757 361 461——- Newbold on Avon
Helen Barboutis:- 07807 848 516 — Stratford on Avon
Clare Watson:- 01926 493 026 ——-Warwick
Nicky Thomas:- 07958 470 617——-Harbury