Many thanks to “Animal Canopy” charity who gave us a very generous grant to help with the purchase of some expensive medication.

Thanks also to the unbelievable generosity of the staff and customers of “Kenilworth Books” who have raised over £1000 for our funds in the last 12 months, we would struggle to do the work without such donations.
Special mention is due to Jim Thomason for supplying four batches of handmade fudge to join Tamsin Rosewell’s cakes and biscuits on the “Taste and Donate” feature in the book shop. To encourage people to donate to our funds.

We will be at the “National Herb Centre Craft Fair” over the four days at Easter, please come along and meet us for a chat about hedgehogs.

On a different note please visit the parliament website below and sign the petition to get the government to give protected status to Hedgehogs (the little dears need all the help possible}

Thanks again!