Strange Days

Various people are reporting strange hedgehog behaviour this year! Some hedgehogs are in hibernation, some waking up, others are active all night while others are not acting as normal as they usually are this time of year.

We suspect that this unusually mild winter weather is confusing them!

We have today (Wednesday, 10th February) received an email from one of our foster carers regarding “Henry” the Hedgehog.

Henry had stopped eating for three days and we did think that Henry may be hibernating – but on Sunday we discovered that he had unfortunately died.

On Tuesday we had “Hayley” brought back to us. Hayley was not eating very much at all and had stopped gaining weight.

We had our Vet give her a check over but found nothing wrong. Hayley was given an injection of Convenia (an antibiotic), and we will her a repeat dose in one weeks time. Hayley ate nothing last night and we gave her fluids to stabiliser her. We will try her with live mealworm tonight.

If you have any hedgehog stories we would like to hear from you.

Any don’t forget that you can always help our hedgehog friends by making your own garden hedgehog friendly. You can even make your own hedgehog feeding station for your own garden by following the simple instructions on our website here.

More updates soon!

Brian Scott