Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue

Helping injured, abandoned and orphaned hedgehogs.

Rescue Tales

Hedgehog Bitten by Dog


This hedgehog was found out in the day in a park.  Luckily the people that found her realised she was unwell and were able to pick her up, take her home and arrange to take her to one a carer.


It was immediately obvious that she had a severe chest infection, and on closer inspection I found two wounds on her face.  One above her right eye, and another all the way through her left cheek.  Although it was late in the day, Emscote vets said they would see her, and cleaned and stitched the wounds.


I took her home and got her settled on a heat pad.  I checked on her just half an hour later only to find that she had miscarried five tiny babies, each about 1cm long.  I was heartbroken for her, but after the trauma she'd had, the dog bite, the rescue and the visit to the vets, it was understandable. 


The wounds healed quickly and very well.  The chest infection took much longer and she had a real struggle in the first week.  After that, it lessened slowly and she was much more comfortable.


Once she was feeling better, she was desperate to be released.  When I put her nest box in the garden, she lost no time in coming out and rustling loudly along the border beginning her new life back in the wild.



Clare Watson

Carer, Warwick

June 2020