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Rescue Tales

Pantomime Twins


These two, brother and sister, were found out in the day with no sign of their mum.  They weighed just under 100g and seemed to be about 4 weeks old.


Their big personalities showed from the beginning.  Each seemed to think  that the other had the 'best' sleeping spot which led to a pantomime of each pushing the other out of its space to claim the sought-after place.


The girl always wanted to be first.  First to be fed, first to get to the food and first to investigate anything new.  The boy had to take second place, but he was much more thorough in his investigations, and often was the one who first worked out how to do new things.


When they were very little, they squeaked when they were separated.  If I took one out of the cage to feed, they would each squeak for the other.  For a less stressful feeding time, it was sometimes easier to keep them both together!!


They grew fast and after about 5 weeks, were ready to return to the wild.  They went back to the safe garden in which they were found.  Neighbours began to make holes in their fences to allow the twins a larger territory.


The video above shows them shortly before their release.  The photo below is of the boy relaxing after a feed.


Clare Watson

Carer, Warwick

July 2020