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Our newest arrival,

weighing 25g, 3cm long.

Hedgehog Tales

Strimmer Hedgehog


On Saturday 24th 2020 (May Bank Holiday) I received a hedgehog in the afternoon that had been badly injured by a strimmer right across the top of his neck. The people who brought him to me had been out for a walk and had found him lying on the path, had they not brought him he would have died as he was severely shocked and cold. This was a very nasty wound and was covered in dried blood. Our vet's practice was closed so I had to treat him myself, first he had some pain relief and fluids then I set about cleaning the wound carefully. I removed a couple of broken prickles that were in the wound, sprayed it with some wound spray and then squeezed Hydrogel into the wound, this keeps everything moist. The hedgehog was in a shocked state so he was put on a heat pad.


In the morning he was looking a bit brighter and had eaten some food. The wound showed two clear patches of infection, this was then flushed with warm sterile water and Manuka honey squeezed in. This is very good at bringing out the infection. During the week he had pain relief each morning and an Antibiotic on his food at night. The wound was also checked daily and treated if necessary, his appetite picked up and the wound gradually began to close up which was great to see. I also sent an email to my vet to tell her my course of treatment which she was happy with.


Several weeks later the hedgehog was released in a much safer location.


Linda Clements. Carer


June 2020



gallery/Strimmer Store before
gallery/Strimmer store 2020 after

Before treatment

After treatment