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Hedgehog Tales

Caught in a Trench


The other day my colleague brought me a hedgehog that had arrived on her lawn in the middle of the day, he did not look at all well. His front feet were bleeding badly, the claws being worn right down to nothing and pulled away from the skin. He was also very dirty and sandy so in order to check if there were any other injuries I decided to give him a warm bath with a mild antiseptic solution. It took three baths to get him clean, the water went black each time and I realised that he had probably been trapped in some footings or something similar. The poor little hedgehog was traumatised, after spraying his feet with some Wound and Skin Care I gave him an injection of saline as he was very dehydrated and put him on a heat pad. My colleague found some building work was going on just a few houses down from her and there was the trench the hedgehog had fallen into. She put a plank down into it enabling any other animal to escape more easily. It was amazing that the hedgehog although very frightened made his way to Sally's garden where he knew he would find a feeding station as Sally has visiting hedgehogs. He must have been trapped most of the night. I am glad to say that he is gradually picking up now, but if anyone reading this story has any hole or trench in their garden or near the house please would you put a cover over it to stop any small animal falling in.



Linda Clements, Hedgehog Carer.




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