Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue

Helping injured, abandoned and orphaned hedgehogs.


Our newest arrival,

weighing 25g, 3cm long.

Hedgehog Tales

The Hedgehog In The Garage


A lady phoned me to say that they had picked up a hedgehog that was in their garden during the daytime and put it in a box in the garage intending to bring it to me the next day. Unfortunately the hedgehog got out of the box during the night and disappeared into the garage.


Apparently the garage was full of all sorts of things and although they searched they couldn’t find it. They tried putting food out but the hedgehog didn’t come out. It wasn’t until ten days later when her daughter came back from university that on going out to the garage to check again that they saw the hedgehog lying on the floor barely alive. It was brought to me. The hedgehog was very cold and thin and dehydrated. First I put him on a heat pad, gradually he warmed up and his breathing improved.


The next thing was to give him some fluid by injection, just 5ml then half an hour later another 5ml. I had to be very careful not to give him too much at once. I built it up gradually then tried some hand feeding. This went down well, his breathing was a lot better, he was incredibly weak and couldn’t stand though. Over the next few days he improved and began eating and drinking and amazingly survived his ordeal.


By Linda Clements