Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue

Helping injured, abandoned and orphaned hedgehogs.


Our newest arrival,

weighing 25g, 3cm long.

Hedgehog Tales

After a brief search of the garden, fortunately it is secure so we knew she was there some where, she was found curled up along side our permanent resident Quinton in Quinton’s sleep box. Dread to think what the two of them had been up to during the night.


If there is any possible way for a hedgehog to escape then it will find it, we know what she did but cannot work out how she did it, just waiting for what the next escapee will come up with!! Emma finishes her treatment on Tuesday and will be going back to Coventry where she was found, assuming she doesn’t escape again and get the bus home.


By Janette Scott







The Great Escape


Lovely sunny Sunday morning, woke up early decided to make a drink to take back to bed and read for an hour or so. Came downstairs and opened the kitchen blinds and wondered what all the hay was doing on the floor under Emma’s sleeping box?? Went to investigate, only to find she had made her escape.


Emma came to us at the beginning of the month, skinny, underweight and dehydrated. We started to treat her with our worming regime and gave her some subcutaneous fluids to help her along.


She responded well and was putting weight on steadily but was getting bored with her hutch, we decided to move her to an outside pen that has a ramp leading up to an elevated sleep box (Hide Box), in the pen there is a “hogitat” so she can have a choice of sleeping places.


All went well for a few days until Saturday (the 14th) night when she decided she wanted to go out on the razzle. Ate her food, had a drink and then proceeded to move the internal baffle in the hide box, lifted one half of the floor panels and move it sideways. Then climbed out the hole at the back of the box.