Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue

Helping injured, abandoned and orphaned hedgehogs.

About Us

Our running costs are met entirely by public donations, charitable trust grants and ourselves, from our own purse.  Without these generous donations, we would cease to exist.  Any help you can afford us in our task of saving Warwickshire’s hedgehogs will be much appreciated.


Hedgehogs are thought to be one of Britain’s most loved species. It was a sad day for the country when, on 30th July 2020, the hedgehog was officially declared vulnerable to extinction.


Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue has an aim: to help maintain or increase the population of hedgehogs in Warwickshire by nursing sick, injured and abandoned hedgehogs until they are well enough to be re-released into the wild.


The Charity is run entirely by volunteers who provide rescued hedgehogs with sanctuary, warmth, food and medical assistance, usually for many months. Of these requirements, the largest annual financial cost is for medical care: the purchase of a multitude of different medications, appliances and veterinary treatments. The running costs are met entirely by public donations, charitable trust grants and the volunteers themselves, from their own purse. Without these generous financial donations and the volunteers themselves, Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue would cease to exist. Any help you can give the Rescue in its task of saving hedgehogs will be much appreciated.


Meet The Trustees


The Charity is regulated by the Charity Commission.  The Trustees have collective responsibility for the running of the Charity and all policy decisions.


Clare Watson – Chairperson, Secretary, Carer

Liz Lyne - Carer

Gemma Smith – Carer, Talks Coordinator

Sally Ellis - Carer

Gina Kearsey – Treasurer, Website



What We Do


Hedgehogs are brought to us by members of the public and local veterinary practices with whom we have fostered good relations. Our aim is always to rehabilitate hedgehogs and return them to their natural environment.  In the majority of cases and when the hedgehogs are well enough, they will be returned to the place where they were found.

Hedgehogs are wild animals and easily stressed. They are not pets and should always be returned to the wild.  We operate a policy of euthanasia on welfare grounds, under veterinary advice, and we work within the relevant UK veterinary and welfare legislation.  Animal welfare is our prime concern at all times.